Yoga Manga



40 pages of devotion, promotion, hand colored art and sarcasm now available in print!

I don’t usually say things like this, but I am really proud of what this turned into. I had no finished product in mind when this process started 6 years ago. I stumbled on a method of hand coloring that I liked and started doing it to photos I took of primary series. Then I put them in one of my journals.

Later I had the idea to make a comic book and asked a graphic designer to help me. She quit after the first two pages because it would be too much work to finish the whole thing. I spent six months looking for someone to finish it before I decided to take it on myself. By deconstructing the layers of the first two pages I taught myself how to do the rest. I have no idea how many hours it took me.

Once the graphics were done I asked one of my teachers to do the text. After waiting a bit too long for that, I decided to take that on as well. I never meant for it to be instructional, only inspirational. But then it got kind of personal…and promotional.

It really is, for the moment, the culmination of all that I do now. Teaching and practicing yoga, making art and t-shirts, and enjoying life


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