BATHED BEATEN BLESSED ~ Varanasi Update November 04 2015

Greetings from Varanasi,



Welcome to our BATHED BEATEN BLESSED "Death & Transformation" project summary. We are happy to report that we have narrowly survived the intense environment of Varanasi & each other. 

We have known each other since 2001 and have collaborated on various projects before, including the original GENTLY DOWN project 10 years ago. We have many similar interests, but we also operate on completely different wavelengths when it comes to processing and reacting. The beauty of our friendship lies in the friction and frustration created by that difference. And ALWAYS ends with a laugh, a hug and a better understanding of ourselves and one another.
We've put our hearts and minds into every step of this process ~ the images we used for the design. Varanasi as our location. Impermanence, death and transformation as a theme. 


10/26 ~ BATHED

We made our way under cover of darkness to the far banks of the River Ganges to bathe each shirt. We then returned to Chet Singh Ghat to let them dry in the morning sun.

10/27 ~ BEATEN

In India the local laundry person is called a "dhobi wallah". It has been said that what they are really doing is using your clothes to break the rocks.

We are attempting to work with energy, metaphor and myth on this project. And our hopes are that by using the shirts as talisman our dhobi wallah Lakshmi is loosening up and washing out some of our deeply embedded unconscious habits and patterns.

To heighten the potential effects of this process, the shirts (and perhaps ourselves) were beaten under the glow of this months full moon.

10/31 & 11/1 ~ BLESSED

First a water ceremony called 'abhishekam' was performed at The Kashi Vishwanath temple, Varanasi's main temple, on October 31st ~ All hallows eve ~ The night of the dead. What a blessing! It is not easy to gain access to this temple. Photographs or recording of any kind was strictly prohibited. We actually had to leave our phones at the gate.

The next morning was  Dia de los Muertos ~ the Day of the Dead. We performed a fire ceremony called a 'homa' at a small Shiva temple in a quiet section near the end of town.

We kept you all in our hearts and minds during these ritual, praying for peace, happiness and well being.



After the ceremonies each shirt was hand numbered and prepared for shipping.

Our friend and GENTLY DOWN documentarian Darren Keith had the good sense to suggest for ceremony and for closure that we set 108 lamps afloat at dusk. 

We've watched these shirts change and transform. We have done our best to share the process with you in hopes that this can act as a conduit for positive change and transformation ~ for those who have followed us along and for those who will eventually wear them.

It's not too late to participate. There a just a few shirts left in various sizes. 

Feel free to contact us or simply purchase one HERE.

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