GBSK Research Center January 18 2014

As many of you know, when I am not managing the GBSK empire, I am teaching a daily mysore style ashtanga yoga class in Tokyo. Naturally, many of the students are fans of the brand and on some days more than half the class is wearing GBSK.

 Practiced regularly, the ashtanga yoga method is a great practice for strengthening, purifying and healing the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Two important aspects of the physical part of ashtanga yoga practice are stretching and sweat.

 I have seen some of the students wearing their GBSK shirts for practice over and over again. And after repeated practice and washing the shirts bodies and designs look fitted and fresh even after 2 or 3 years. It gives me pleasure and confidence to know that the products I sell are top quality and can pass the ashtanga yoga test!

 I cannot make any claims that wearing GBSK will make you more spiritual, bring you closer to your true nature or deepen your understanding of life’s purpose. But, they are topnotch shirts, cool original designs and come in nice colors.